Many people believe that crystals have a mystical power that can be used for healing purposes. Some believe that they can stimulate spiritual growth and bring about a positive transformation in the life experience. Thanks to the alchemists, we know very well today the chemical composition of stones and crystals as well as their actions on the human metabolism and its environment


The term jellyfish is a vernacular name designating the free forms of many groups of cnidarians and thus opposes the polyp forms, sessile. Jellyfish are usually predators, they are paralyzed by virtue of their powers of attorney and can have very elaborate sensory structures like ocelli, events within rhopalies. Some jellyfish belonging to the Cubozoas class can be fatal for humans. In the life cycle of some stakeholder groups, the jellyfish form can alternate with the polyp phase, but they simply survived the jellyfish state. Although we find mainly in salt water, it is possible to observe certain types of drugs in fresh water.


When Jules Verne and his friends of the Club des aventuriers of the nineteenth century hear about the arrival of a balloon in the city, they do not resist the temptation to go see it in secret. But as they explore the interior of the basket, saboteurs loosen the fasteners ... and the craft flies! After a fabulous balloon trip, Jules and his friends land in disaster on a mysterious desert island...